Deep Dive Benchmark

A thorough landscape surveillance provides an overview and assessment of the current and potential competition in a given space. It provides historical context on the state of affairs and informs our assessment of future potential changes. It should be done at the beginning of any monitoring project to help track the speed of change. These projects may have concentrations such as social media campaign assessments, patient support program evaluations, pricing/bridging strategy.

Monitoring Projects

The interval of time between monitoring updates varies depending on the individual situation- some spaces move quicker than others. While some constent themes and questions are monitored regularly, there is also space here for proactive intelligence topics; these are questions that evolve from the findings of one report, into a new direction or line of questioning for the next report. Triad’s research is nimble and responsive but also forward looking. We create a living document, and provide competitor dossiers so the most current information is readily available.

Conference Coverage

There is no more important piece of the intelligence puzzle than the quality of conference coverage provided by our analysts. Conference coverage allows us to speak directly with competitors. We are also able to generate new contacts and cultivate relationships upon which our subsequent monitoring and deep dive projects rely. Our conference analysis includes comparisons to previous years, evolution of messaging where possible, and in-depth primary intelligence from a significant range of conference attendees.

IND Mapping

Indication mapping is an essential step in finding early competitors, and in surveying the clinical and preclinical landscape to identify potential gaps in therapy. In additional to using a series of subscription and proprietary databases, Triad provides primary intelligence to support our findings. First hand interviews with scientists and thought leaders on why particular indications were tested and which paths were taken, can help to guide the early process in getting a new drug or technology on the right path.

Strategy Workshop

One or two-day multidisciplinary workshops to address any number of strategy concerns your organization may face. Testing out corporate or brand strategy with your colleagues is a necessary step that is often best facilitated by an unbiased outside advisor. Set goals for the brand or organization and make plans to move them forward. Primary intelligence backgrounds are brought in so we can factor in a realistic response from competition where applicable. We can help you establish your Blue Ocean Strategy – your best fit in the market.

CI Training

Triad provides on-site training for teams with a range of competitive and strategic intelligence experience- from analyst levels to C-Suite, to ensure the whole team is moving in a unified direction. Understanding the legal and ethical limitations of what can be done internally, what should be outsourced, and what kind of intelligence you can reasonably expect to collect. Part of this service is also Establishing/Assessing an intelligence function: Triad has worked with hundreds of internal partners. We are able to analyse and reshape the flow and dissemination of intelligence to maximise the output of the team.

KOL Recruitment

Whether you are choosing the right KOLs for an advisory board, for trials and publications, or you just want to find out what they really think, it’s helpful to have a third party with established relationships and skill at eliciting authentic feedback from experts.

Where are you on your path?

Triad can help you target the most compelling indications, get an early read on other routes being investigated, help with investor presentations and board propositions.

Aligned Services:

Early clinical development

You are ready to build your team or advisory board. You need guidance on indications to pursue and next steps.

Aligned Services:

Product nearing clinical approval

Whether it’s a patient support program, a filing strategy, a bridging plan, you need to build the programs that will set you apart. You need to build up your team and make sure everyone is on the same page to move your strategy forward.

Aligned Services:

New product to market

Triad can help establish an internal intelligence network, monitor changes in the market, and assess authentic perceptions and attitudes towards the progress of the roll-out. This includes social media monitoring, patient support programs and bridging plans.

Aligned Services:

Product in the market

Defending a legacy product in a space filling up with new contenders is a challenging responsibility. Monitoring perceptions and trends, and assessing generic potential and payer attitudes ensures the best strategy for eroding market share.

Aligned Services: