Who We Are

Triad Strategic Services is an elite intelligence task force that harnesses the strength and insights of primary intelligence and pairs it with the power of experience and perspective.  We offer our pharma, biotech and life sciences clients the opportunity to partner with a highly experienced team of consultants, dedicated to bringing actionable intelligence to inform strategy at any stage of a company or product lifecycle.

Triad brings a mindset that is simultaneously defensive and offensive. It’s about how to boldly push forward with new ideas and keep an eye on what’s going on around you.  It’s about being completely aware not only of what your competition is doing, but what they are capable of doing. It’s about understanding what they have done in the past and therefore what they are likely to do in the future.


The Triad Difference

Our elite task force is a tight unit of highly motivated, extremely dedicated primary intelligence professionals.  We want to become part of your team, while maintaining important perspective so that we can respectfully challenge your team to test their strategies and question internal bias.
Unlike Market research, Competitive Intelligence is strategic and forward looking.  Good CI is informed with a breadth of primary intelligence research.  Triad interviews nurses and physicians, purchasing groups, patient support organizations, financial analysts and industry experts, among others, all to ensure that our findings are thoroughly researched from all possible angles.

Chart the Course

Triad knows you are looking to collect as much information as you can about your competitors. One of our favorite Sun Tzu quotes is “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.” This is particularly fitting for competitive intelligence. In order to be as strategic as possible, we encourage our clients to take stock of their own potential. We then work with them to figure out what questions we really need to answer about their competition, to make a difference in their future planning. When you ask a question, you should know what you will do with the answer.

Light the Way

Triad views our process as highly interactive. We want to communicate with you throughout the project, so that as intelligence is gathered, it can be processed and redirected. Key Intelligence Topics get revisited regularly to make sure we are asking the best questions to the most knowledgeable sources.

Make it Happen

With a well-designed research plan, a diverse contact list, and highly skilled analysts, Triad will confidently present you with the most insightful intelligence attainable. Since the process includes mapping out your strategy early on, our reports can deliver concise and actionable findings to help you and your team put your brand on the right path forward.