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Deep Dive Benchmark

The result of the deep dive benchmark should be a thorough understanding of your previously perceived competitors and perhaps introduce new competitors on the horizon.

Long Term Monitoring Projects

Ensure that you have a perpetually current outlook on the landscape in which you function.

Conference Coverage

A specialty! Our CEO co-authored a published book entitled ‘Conference and Trade Show Intelligence’ (SCIP, 2007).

Strategy Games

Coordinated by a former counter-terrorism analyst who did scenario planning for every major US public agency.

Social Media

We are a team of early adopters, and have been using social media both to assist and inform our research since it first began.

CI Training

Whether your team of Market Researchers is looking to broaden their scope, or you are starting from scratch building a new internal CI function, we have worked as mentors and educators in this process for years.

Blue Ocean Strategy Workshops

Blue ocean strategy intends to separate your firm not only from the competition as it is, but also from previously held industry standards. It is a plan to rise above and beyond.

Patient-Centric Studies

We often factor elements of this type of research into our more in-depth projects, but they can be done as a stand-alone. In a world where treatment plans are becoming more customized, and the patient is better informed and more involved in the process than ever before, research that centers around the wants and needs of the patient could provide the insights that set your team apart.

No matter where you are on your path, we’re there for you.

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